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Finding a motorcycle to flip on Facebook

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

My number one source for finding used motorcycles to buy and flip is on Facebook Marketplace. However, I have to weed out the scammers and use some common sense. With Facebook marketplace you have the added benefit that you can check out the sellers profile. This can give you some kind of confidence on who you are dealing with. If the seller is a store, dealer, or anything other than an individual then I'll typically pass.

How do you find good deals on Facebook marketplace?

Let’s start with search terms. If you know exactly what it is you want to find then this is pretty straight forward. If I wanted to find a KLR650 I would just search for that exact term or some variant “KLR 650” or maybe even just “KLR”. However, it’s rare that I get the luxury of being so picky as to what exactly it is that I am looking to flip. After all, the most important thing when trying to flip anything is having the biggest profit margin. So mostly, I’m always just looking for the best deal.

In that regard, here are a few search terms that I have found help me find some great deals:

  • TLC

  • Needs work

  • Not running

  • Mechanics special

  • Carb work

  • Easy fix

  • Engine work

  • Motorcycle repair

  • Motorcycle parts

  • Runs great

  • Project bike

  • Parts bike

Since Facebook marketplace searches both the title and the description for these search terms, the search will usually return several results. I have found that after a while, Facebook marketplace has “learned” what I am looking for and will often recommend fixer uppers. Be sure to read my articles on questions to ask the seller.

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