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No one will care for your bike as much as you

There are some guys and gals who detest the idea having to maintain or work on their own machines. They just want to ride and anything that gets in the way of that is just plain annoying. So they would much rather just take it to a motorcycle repair shop. There’s nothing wrong with that I guess, to each his own as the saying goes. Maybe there will come a time when I'll do the same but for now, I am NOT that guy. 


The thought of giving  someone else thousands of my hard earned dollars to do a 1000 mile tune-up is repulsive (Cough KTM Cough BMW). Also, I am impractically impatient so the waiting just wouldn’t work. But beyond the cost and the wait, I just plain enjoy soaking my hands in burnt clutch oil and smelling like the rundown quickly lube down the road. Plus I do love French tip nails on my wife and she likes the ebony tip nails that I so often sport too. Okay so maybe there is some hyperbole in that statement but non the less I do enjoy working on my own bike.   

For me, the more I work on my bike, the more I enjoy it. I get to learn how it works and why it works, or doesn’t. The more I work on my bike the more it becomes my own. 


If you are like me, the opportunity to get a decent ride in between work, family, and the rest of life just doesn’t come around as often as I would like.  So fixing, improving, adjusting, or farkling out my bike in between rides is a good way to fill in the time between rides.


There’s a host of other benefits too. It teaches you a lot of skills that will come in handy elsewhere, it saves you money which can then be spent on even more gadgets and doodads, and most importantly it gives you an excuse to buy more tools! 


If you're new to working on your own bike then you'll want to start on a relatively easy project like changing your oil. However, if you're interested in a complete engine rebuild that's possible too. Either way, find that information here.

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