Types of Hammers

Even if you start with no tools at all, you probably own a hammer. After all , anything a hammer if you swing it hard enough right? There are a lot of different types of hammers but you'll probably only need two different kinds when working on motorcycles. You need some sort of metal hammer with some weight. A good ball pein hammer for metal on metal destruction and persuasion. These are great for taking your frustration on on a stubborn bolt. What you'll probably use more, however, will be a rubber mallet. The rubber mallet can be used to help case covers to come off when the gasket just won't let go. Just be aware, you the rubber mallets with black heads can leave scuff marks. Usually not an issue, but if you are concerned you can opt for a non-marring rubber mallet. Non marring hammers typically have a clear or white head. 

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