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The adventure starts in the garage!

If you're here then I can assume you love riding adventure motorcycles like I do. That could mean you're throwing a leg over a decked out 1200cc BWM GS beast or a 200cc TW200 Billy goat. It really doesn't matter what you ride. What really matters is the adventures that you have while riding. Adventure riders seem to have a different relationship with their bikes than other two wheelin' brethren. Not to say that adventure riders are better or love their bikes any more than anyone else, but at the same time, it is different. See, when you set off on an adventure you're not trying to find where the dirt road begins but where it ends. Our two wheeled ATV's not need to take us to the adventure, but they must also survive the adventure then get us back home. This is unique to adventure riding. Tourers turn around where the asphalt ends, dirt bikes are hitchhikers , and cruisers...well cruisers are still hanging out at the coffee shop talking about the adventure they had 20 years ago. Our adventure bike doesn't just take us to the adventure, but becomes part of the adventure itself. So the adventure starts with the bike, in the garage as you prepare for your adventure. Much like a cowboy prepping his pony for a cattle drive, we prep our bikes for an adventure.

For that reason, Fixin2Ride covers all aspects of adventure riding. The bikes, the gear, the mechanics, and of course the rides. I hope this site can be a source of information and inspiration for all adventure motorcycle riders. 

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